• No outside organization or staff member or student representing an outside organization may distribute or post literature on that organization's behalf on district property either during or after school hours without the permission and prior review of the superintendent. 

    The Superintendent shall develop guidelines that:

    1. Establish criteria concerning distribution or posting of student materials;
    2. Address distribution or posting of materials employees wish to distribute on behalf of an employee organization in compliance with the terms of negotiated collective bargaining agreements;
    3. Prohibit the use of the district or school mail system by the community, students, or staff for distribution of nonschool-related materials unless authorized by the superintendent;
    4. Prohibit distribution of materials from any profit-making organization to students to take home to their parents unless authorized by the superintendent;
    5. Establish and clearly communicate the time, place, and manner restrictions concerning the distribution of all nonschool-related materials.

    Additionally, to reduce the use of paper, the district requests digital flyers. If you want to publish a flyer online, contact Communications Supervisor Sam Ameen or Hannia Abed, the administrative assistant to the superintendent. 

Activity Flyers

Athletic Flyers