Gifted Education

Gifted Education

Gifted Education

The state of Ohio defines a gifted student as one who “performs or shows potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment.”


The identification process is in compliance with the Ohio Department of Education guidelines, and uses only nationally-normed tests on the state approved list. Subjective criteria are not used. 

Referral: Students can be referred for assessment by parents, teachers, or the students themselves, twice each year. Referral forms are available on the district website, or at the ESCLC website.

Screening: Students in grades 2-8 are screened three times each year using the STAR assessments for Reading.  Additionally, students in grade 2 are screened once each year using the InView Cognitive assessment for Cognitive and Creative Thinking domains and the Terra Nova Math assessment; grade 5 students are screened using the InView for Cognitive and Creative Thinking domains, and the Terra Nova Full Battery for academic achievement.

Assessment: Following screening, small group and individual assessment is provided for students who meet the threshold for further assessments, pending parent permission.

Assurances: The district meets the ODE requirements for evaluation of students who are culturally diverse, economically disadvantaged, students with physical and sensory disabilities and students who have limited English proficiency. The district identifies using only state approved tests which are administered by trained personnel.

Written Education Plans (WEPs): WEPs are written for all students who are identified and served on a one-year basis.

Outside Testing/Transfer Students: The district will review transfer students’ records, and will accept outside testing results for gifted services, if the assessment has been administered within the last 24 months and is on the ODE-approved list.

Acceleration: The district has a state-approved plan in place. The specific referral, screening, and assessment process is detailed on the district or ESCLC websites. 

Appeal: The district has an appeals process for decisions regarding screening, identification, and placement. The initial step in the process is to submit a written statement to the building principal, explaining your reason for the appeal.

Waiver: The district has a waiver of assignments procedure.

Withdrawal: The district has procedures by which the parents can withdraw their students from service if they feel the child is unsuccessful in the service, or that the service is not meeting the needs of the child. Parents should contact their Gifted Supervisor or principal for an initial conference. If a student is not achieving or struggling with the expectations of the service, a parent-teacher conference will determine if this is the most appropriate placement. Withdrawal requires parent permission.

Screening and Identification

A student is considered screened for gifted identification when he or she is evaluated using an instrument approved for gifted identification. Public school districts (city, local, and exempted village) will evaluate district students referred or recommended for gifted identification and provide opportunities for evaluation during whole-grade screenings.

Whole-Grade Screenings: Districts must provide whole-grade screenings in the areas of superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability reading/writing, specific academic ability mathematics, and creative thinking ability once during the K-2 grade band and once again during the 3-6 grade band. Districts must use assessments approved for gifted identification in order to meet this requirement.

Referrals: Parents, guardians, teachers, or peers may refer students for a gifted identification evaluation. Students may also refer themselves. Public school districts must evaluate a student within ninety days of an initial referral for gifted identification. Districts are required to provide two opportunities per year for the evaluation of students in grades K-12 who are referred for identification in any area of gifted ability.

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