Protecting Your Device

  • Did you know a laptop computer has a 1 in 10 chance of being stolen? Nearly half of all laptop thefts occur in offices or classrooms and 98% of the stolen laptops are never recovered. Additionally, laptops have a higher rate of security problems than desktop workstations. Follow the following steps to protect your devices.

    • Physically secure your laptop computer by keeping it in an office that can be locked. Also, use a cable lock to secure it to a desk or heavy object in or outside of the office.
    • Do not store sensitive or confidential data on mobile devices unless you have been authorized to do so.
    • Avoid leaving your mobile devices and media unattended.
    • Always use a password to protect your portable device against unauthorized use.
    • Turn the Bluetooth power off by default and do not let it be set to be discoverable.
    • Turn off the radio switch for your laptop's Wi-Fi access when you are not using it.
    • If a portable device is lost or stolen, contact the technology department immediately.