• Substitute support staff play a vital role in keeping our buildings and facilities open and running efficiently. Many diverse opportunities exist for your consideration. Please review the list of positions available below:

    Cleaners: 8-hour evening shifts
    Custodians: 8-hour day and evening shifts 
    Cafeteria Workers: Breakfast and lunch shifts vary; 4 to 7-hour shifts 
    Instructional and Monitoring Aides: Opportunities include providing classroom support, working with intensive needs students, recess and/or lunch duty; 4-7.5 hour shifts 
    Media Aides: Shifts vary from 4 to 7.5 hours during the school day 

    Substitutes for the above positions are employed by Rachel Wixey & Associates and utilize Frontline Absence Management. Applicants should apply here to start the application process

    In addition, the North Ridgeville City Schools employ substitutes for the positions listed below: 

    School Nurses/Health Care Associates: nursing experience and licensure required; cover absences as needed and assist with various clinics such as vision screenings, etc.
    Bus Drivers: 6-hour shifts  
    Bus Aides: 6-hour shifts

  • The North Ridgeville City Schools are currently looking for flexible, compassionate individuals who are committed to student learning and success to work as substitute teachers. Substitute teachers play a vital role in keeping our buildings and facilities open and running efficiently. This position allows substitutes to work in an environment that impacts the lives of students every day, allows employees to gain valuable experience in the classroom, and provides a great deal of flexibility in scheduling their work day. 

    The North Coast Shared Services Alliance serves as our district’s substitute management provider, responsible for the recruitment, training, and employment of substitute teachers. To begin the employment process as a valued substitute teacher for North Ridgeville City Schools click here.
    Requirements include, but are not limited to:

    • Bachelor’s degree with official transcripts or a valid teaching and/or substitute license from the Ohio Department of Education.
    • Valid BCI & FBI fingerprinting background check results in less than 12 months old and are on file with the Ohio Department of Education. 

    Please consider becoming a substitute teacher today!