Endowment Funds Grants

North Ridgeville City Schools Endowment Funds

  • The North Ridgeville City Schools Endowment Funds represent a school and community-based organization designed to develop and provide a permanent source of funding for improving the quality of education in our school district.

    The NRCS Endowment Funds provide a permanent mechanism through which community donations can be allocated for worthwhile educational programs. The interest income generated by investments will provide a resource for students and staff well into the 21st Century.

    The NRCS Endowment Funds are organized under the Community Foundation of Lorain County. In 1990, a Board of Trustees was established to manage the Endowment Funds. This Board, comprised of local community and educational leaders, is responsible for fundraising and for the disbursement of grants and scholarships.

Endowment Funds Committee Members

  • The NRCS Endowment Funds Committee meets once a month to organize and plan events in hopes of strengthening our partnership with the community and raising funds for the benefit of the students of NRCS and its employees. The committee consists of NRCS employees, parents, and community leaders who are committed to upholding the mission of NRCS.