Nursing Department

  • The school nurse's primary role is to promote good health for the district's students. As a member of the educational team, the nurse enhances students' potential for attendance, class participation, and learning by identifying and addressing medical conditions that may impact the student's ability to achieve the district's performance standards. School health nursing is a specialized practice of professional nursing.

Nursing Promotes Wellness

  • Nurses in the district promote wellness by doing the following tasks:

    • Reviewing physical and dental forms
    • Monitoring compliance with state law regarding immunizations
    • Screening students as required by the Ohio Department of Health and reporting deviant findings to families for further evaluation
    • Assisting the local health department with monitoring communicable disease

Nursing Provides Quality Healthcare

  • Nursing provides quality health care and intervenes with actual and potential health problems. The following tasks are what the nurses do to intervene with actual and potential health problems:

    • Developing individual health plans with the family and physician involvement for students with chronic medical conditions
    • Providing appropriate staff with an interpretation of medical data
    • Administering medications as prescribed by a student’s physician and training staff on administration of medicine
    • Performing medical procedures as ordered by the student’s physician and training staff on procedures


  • Rhonda Carson, RN, BSN, LSN
    District Nurse/Academic Center

    Sharon Pipe, LPN
    Early Childhood Learning Community
    Ranger High-Tech Academy
    ECLC: (440)-327-1284
    RHTA: (440)-353-6617

    Lynne Petroff, LPN
    Liberty Elementary

    Kathy Winkel, LPN
    Academic Center

    Lisa Evans, RN, BSN
    Academic Center

    Denise Rice, LPN
    North Ridgeville High School