Procedures (Pickup, Return, & Summer Break)

Procedures (Pickup, Return, & Summer Break)


***Parent Portal signature is REQUIRED prior to any student receiving a Chromebook*** 


Academic Center:

  • Returning students will be called to their previous year's studio for pickup during designated time frames
  • New students will be forwarded to the Digital E.R. for Chromebook assignment  


High School:TBD


Ranger High Tech Academy:TBD



Chromebooks will not be issued without a signed Technology Usage Agreement and Checkout Form.

Links for these forms are found on our home page and within the Parent Portal





Academic Center:

  • Studio Teachers will be collecting student Chromebooks 
  • The following form will be used based on grade level:
  • Studio teacher will place the Chromebook and corresponding Power Supply in the provided bag
  • Bag will be labeled with the Students full name 
  • Studio teacher will secure student Chromebooks in studio carts for the summer


High School:


  • Seniors will return their Chromebook to the Media Center for check-in and inspection
  • Seniors are responsible for returning the Chromebook CLEAN and FREE OF STICKERS. Students that return their Chromebook without removing stickers and decals may be billed to their student fees for removal. 

 Underclassmen (9th-11th Grade Students) 

  • Students will return their Chromebook to the Media Center for inspection 
  • The following for will be used based on Grade Level:

When collections are complete, all Chromebooks will be secured in the Media Center for summer storage. 


Ranger High Tech Academy: 


How to prepare Chromebooks for long-term storage:

  1. Charge your Chromebooks so that the battery is at least 80% full. 
    This ensures that even when the battery discharges while unplugged over the summer, it won’t fully run out of power.
  2. To slow the discharge rate during storage, do not physically remove the battery from the Chromebook for storage. Instead, take the following steps:
    1. Connect the device to a charger and turn it on.
    2. Hold Refresh Refresh and Power Power at the same time.
    3. While holding these keys, remove the power cable from device and then release the keys.
      The device should shut down and remain off.
    4. Confirm the battery disconnect worked by pressing the power button. 
      The device should not power on, despite having a battery charge. The Chromebook won’t power on by touching the power button or opening the lid, until you plug the device back to a power source.

This is the ideal way to store devices. It reduces battery discharge to a minimum, prevents constant charge and discharge from reducing the battery life, and keeps the Chromebook in a stable, powered-off state.

Note: If you can’t put your model of Chromebook into the battery disconnect state described above, charge the battery to at least 80%. Then, turn off the Chromebook, unplug it from a power source, and store it in a cool, dry place.

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