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Adobe Flash: End-of-Life and what this means:

What does Flash Player EOL mean? After the EOL Date, Adobe will not issue Flash Player updates or security patches. Adobe strongly recommends immediately uninstalling Flash Player. To help secure your system, Adobe blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021.
End of Life for Adobe Flash 

The information below is now in place and Adobe Flash is gone. Click the link above for information.

Many of you are wondering "what now?"
Here is an article by Adobe that explains who, what, when, where, and why:
Here is a link on how to enable flash:

Connectivity Troubleshooting for Students

Network Connectivity 


We are committed to helping you work through any technology issues you may be experiencing.  We want everyone to be able to hear, participate and access everything we do in our online learning environment.  So, if you are having some problems, here are some ideas to try in order to help you resolve the problem.  We can also have the Tech Department assist you if these things don’t alleviate the issues. 

  1. Multiple windows/programs running - Some chromebooks and computers struggle if other windows or programs are running.  Try closing everything else you don’t need at that moment, especially things like streaming music, videos, and games.

  2. Remove excessive Google Extensions - Too many extensions may cause issues with other programs.  Try removing all unnecessary extensions.  Click this link to a video that explains how to remove Chrome Extensions. It is important that you RESTART your chromebook to make those changes take effect.

  3. Make sure your chromebook is updated - If you haven’t done this in one of your classes, here is the link to a video that explains the process.

  4. Run a connectivity test - It is recommended that an upload and download speed should be 25 mbps or greater. You can use this link to a site to run a speed test.  

  5. Distance from router - Sometimes being too far from the router can slow things down. If you find your speed test was low, try moving closer to the router and try again. You could also connect directly to the router/modem with an ethernet cable.

  6. Try turning Zoom video off - Does your Zoom work better if you have your video turned off?  Ultimately we want you to be able to use your video and share your screen (among other things) but this may be a temporary fix.  

We know this won’t fix every problem, but it is a good place to start.  If you need assistance from the  Tech Department, you can tell them that you have already tried these things and are still having issues.  

Jason Brown - North Ridgeville City Schools v.1 9/18/2020

IT Support

Need assistance? Please use the links below to schedule a Zoom conference with a technician
Paul Hieronymus Director of Technology: Calendar Schedule 
Jason Frindt, Technician: Calendar Schedule 
Jack Henry, Technician: Calendar Schedule
Jim Brandenburg, Tech Integration Specialist: Calendar Schedule
Gina Geither, Tech Integration Specialist: Calendar Schedule 

Technology Repairs

Online and remote learning days: Technology that needs to be repaired can be dropped off at the Community Entrance of the North Ridgeville Academic Center between 9:00 am - 2:00 pm. Please stop in to complete a repair form and a loaner device will be provided. Once the device has been repaired you will be contacted by the IT department. Pickup of repaired devices will take place on Wednesdays at the high school main entrance. 

Hybrid and in-person days: Technology repairs should be given to the student’s classroom teacher for a help ticket to be created and a loaner device will be provided. Repaired devices will be returned to the classroom of the student. 

For those of you plagued with pop-ups, malware, and viruses...

 ...take this quiz to find out what your level of knowledge is...
...get a low score? Check out this helpful resource to get you back on track... 
Do you want to learn more as a Student, Teacher, or Professional? GFC global offers free resources and simple learning for everyone!
Here are some valuable teacher resources:

Check out what a RHTA student (Rondell Sarrett III) built to help you find valuable tech resources!

9th Grader Rondell Sarretti at Ranger High Tech Academy built a website to help NRCS students find useful resources. He says he wants to provide a "District Tech-Hub" a "page where students could check out everything they needed to know about tech-related news in the district." He continued: "I went home and did some tinkering with BootStrap 4 and came up with a new layout and design." 
Check it out:


 If you have a Chromebook needing repairs, follow the procedures below:
  1. Report any issue immediately to your classroom teacher.
  2. Teachers will enter a HelpDesk ticket and assign a temporary loaner Chromebook.
  3. Our Digital E.R. Courriers will pick up the injured device (usually within a few hours)
  4. Our Digital E.R. Technicians will diagnose and repair the injured device.
  5. All repairs are documented and forwarded along for billing if necessary.
  6. Our Digital E.R. Courriers will return the Chromebook upon completion. 


Paul Hieronymus
Director of Information, Technology, and Integration
Jason Frindt
Computer Technician
Jim Brandenburg
Technology Integration Specialist

Regina Geither 
Technology Integration Specialist

Jack Henry
Computer Network Technician 

Did you know?

  • laptop computer has a 1-in-10 chance of being stolen.
  • Nearly half of all laptop thefts occur in offices or classrooms.
  • 98% of stolen laptops are never recovered.
  • Laptops have a higher rate of security problems than desktop workstations.

In addition, follow these steps to protect your devices:

  • Physically secure your laptop computer by keeping it in an office that can be locked. Also, use a cable lock to secure it to a desk or heavy object in or outside of the office.
  • Do not store sensitive or confidential data on mobile devices unless you have been authorized to do so.
  • Avoid leaving your mobile devices and media unattended.
  • Always use a password to protect your portable device against unauthorized use.
  • Turn Bluetooth power off by default, and do not let it be set to discoverable.
  • Turn off the radio switch for your laptop's Wi-Fi access when you are not using it.
  • If a portable device is lost or stolen, contact the Technology Department immediately.

“Did you know”
University of Pittsburgh 
Accessed 2 May 2019

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