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English Learning Services

The North Ridgeville City Schools is proud to offer individualized educational support services for English Learners (EL) in Kindergarten through twelfth grade. The primary goal of these services is to provide the instruction and support required to help English Learners (EL) attain the speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills they need to reach the same high academic standards expected of all North Ridgeville students. North Ridgeville's  procedures and services are provided in accordance with Federal and State mandates. 

The North Ridgeville City School District provides different types of EL support services.  

  1.  Pull-out Service — to support EL students (provided out of the general education classroom environment) with lessons based on the 10 English Language Proficiency Standards, as determined by the Ohio Department of Education.

  2. Inclusion / Push-in Service — to support the EL students within the classroom environment, alongside the General Education classroom teacher.  

English Learner Services may be given several times a week; weekly; bi-weekly, or monitored as needed, based on a student’s individual language needs. This decision will be made in consultation with classroom teachers, administrators, and parents/guardians.  

For more information or questions about the English Learners program, please contact: 

Jackie Vance, Director of Student Services or (440) 353-1137

Kristen Zocchi, EL Teacher, or (440) 353-1180