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The North Ridgeville City Schools Technology Department is committed to helping students, staff, and families work through any technical issue. The technology department page will provide procedures on how to get a school-issued Chromebook, iPad, laptop, or desktop computer repaired. Also provided are technical tips and websites. 

If your student has a Chromebook needing repairs, follow the procedures below:

  1. Report any issue immediately to your classroom teacher.
  2. Teachers will enter a HelpDesk ticket and assign a temporary loaner Chromebook.
  3. Our Digital ER couriers will pick up the injured device (usually within a few hours).
  4. Our Digital ER technicians will diagnose and repair the injured device.
  5. All repairs are documented and forwarded along with billing if necessary.
  6. Our Digital ER couriers will return the Chromebook upon completion. 

The technology department wants everyone to be able to hear, participate, and access everything we do in our online learning environment.  If you are having problems with your Chromebook, here are some ideas to try in order to help you resolve the problem.  The technology department will assist you if the suggestions do not alleviate the issues. 

  • Multiple windows/programs running: Some Chromebooks and computers struggle if other windows or programs are running.  Try closing everything else you don’t need at that moment, especially things like streaming music, videos, and games.

  • Remove excessive Google Extensions: Too many extensions may cause issues with other programs.  Try removing all unnecessary extensions.  Click this link to a video that explains how to remove Chrome Extensions. It is important that you restart your Chromebook to make those changes take effect.

  • Make sure your Chromebook is updated: If you have not done this in one of your classes, click here to watch a video that explains the process.

  • Run a connectivity test: It is recommended that the upload and download speed should be 25 Mbps or greater. Click here to run a speed test.  

  • Distance from the router: Sometimes being too far from the router can slow things down. If you find your speed test was low, move closer to the router and try again. You could also connect directly to the router/modem with an ethernet cable.

  • Try turning Zoom video off: Does your Zoom work better if you have your video turned off?  Ultimately, we want you to be able to use your video and share your screen (among other things) but this may be a temporary fix.  

Paul Hieronymus
Director of Information, Technology, and Integration

Technology Integration Specialist
Stephen Farkas
Technology Services Supervisor
Jacob Rodriguez
Computer Technician 
Computer Technician
Tracy Shiltz
Administrative Assistant