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The mission of the North Ridgeville City Schools Transportation Department is to provide a safe, reliable, and efficient method of transportation to and from school for each of the students under our care.

Joseph Schultz
Transportation Supervisor
Tim Kaczmarek
Head Mechanic

Melissa Phelps
Administrative Assistant

General Information

All students that live more than 2 miles in grades 3-8 will be assigned a bus to and from their home area (Please check your mileage distance to make sure you qualify).

All students in grades K-2 will receive busing no matter the distance to school. High school busing is not available. If your child is going to/from a babysitter before or after school, you will need to fill out a variance form. If your child qualifies for busing but will not use our service, you will need to fill out a busing opt-out form, which will be available on the transportation department homepage soon. If your child needs to take the bus to and from home, there is no need to fill out any forms. 

Bus Stop Informaton

  • Have your child standing at the bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive at the designated place of safety, which is required by law and district policy. Waiting in a vehicle is strictly prohibited regardless of inclement weather.
  • Your child should stand about 20 steps from the roadway in the driveway or on the corner of an intersecting sidewalk. The driver will assign the appropriate place.
  • The driver will use a hand signal for the right or left side (pick up and drop off) to indicate when your child should check in both directions to make sure it is safe, clear to traffic or pedestrians, and can proceed to or discharge from the bus.
  • It is required by law and district policy for your child to go to the designated place of safety once they are dropped off at the bus stop and to stay there until the bus leaves the stop location so that the driver can account for where your child is outside of the bus at all times for their safety.

We give an estimated drop off time because we cannot guarantee how many children will be riding the bus home each day and current traffic conditions. If you have any questions or if you find this information to be incorrect, please do not hesitate to email or call our office at (440)-327-4422.

Variance Form

If your child needs to be picked up or dropped off at a different location other than your home address, you will need to fill out a Variance Form. Kindergarten students will only be approved if the private sitter is in your designated AM/ PM area. The district policy is one location five days a week. For example, your child can be picked up or dropped off at your home five days a week or a sitter five days a week. No split weeks will be approved.

The deadline for filling out a variance form at the beginning of a school year is no later than two weeks before the first day of school.  

No students should be put on a bus to a different location other than home without a confirmation email from the Transportation Department.  
If you are new to the district or move to a new location, please contact the Transportation Department at 440-327-4422. 
The Variance Form for the 2024-2025 school year is not yet available. The link will be posted here when it is. Requests will be handled in the order received and can only be granted if space is available on the bus.

AM or PM Kindergarten Class

For half-day kindergarten, the time of day your student attends class is dependent on where they live.

Click here to see if your child has AM kindergarten.
Click here to see if your child has PM kindergarten.