Attendance Procedure Overview

  • Teachers will be taking attendance every period for every class. If a student is not present for two classes, an alert will be sent to the parent/guardian about their absence. Until the high school receives a call or supporting documentation, the absence will be considered unexcused.

    If you know your student will not be present for school, please call the attendance office at (440)-327-6222 and leave a detailed message. This will excuse the absence and keep an alert from being sent.

Attendance Procedures

  • Please know that the main attendance line (440)-327-6222 goes to voicemail 24/7, and when the attendance secretaries receive your message, they may call you if they have any questions. To report your student absent call and leave the following information:

    • Student's first and last name
    • Reason for absence
    • The person calling in the absence and phone number.

    All late students have to sign in at the front entrance. If a parent/guardian has called prior to the student’s arrival or if they come with a note from a parent/guardian or doctor, they will be excused, otherwise, it will be considered unexcused until the attendance secretaries receive a call or note. 

    If your student needs to leave early, whether they are to be picked up, are driving themselves, or plan to leave with another student, please give the attendance office advance notice as to the time they need to leave and whether they will or will not be returning.

    If your student is in the 9th or 10th grade and is not yet a driver, they will need to be signed out at the front entrance by the person picking them up.  A call in advance of arrival is always appreciated.

    To speak to someone directly, please call (440)-353-7390. Please leave a message if no one is able to answer immediately.

    Doctor excuses may be emailed to Julie Pinkerton at or faxed to (440)-327-2145.