High School Attendance

  • Consistent attendance is a crucial component of the educational process. Every day your student is absent is a lost opportunity for learning. Please make attendance a priority in your family. In doing so, you are encouraging your student's success now as well as helping them develop important life skills. 



    Unlike our middle school, teachers at the high school take attendance every period. If a student is not present for two classes, an automated alert will be sent to the parent/guardian about their absence.  



    If you know your student will be missing school, please call the high school’s main attendance line at (440) 327-6222 and leave a message. It is checked every few minutes from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, but you can leave a message any time of day. You will need to provide the following information:

    1. Student's first and last name (with spelling of last name)
    2. Reason for absence

    3. The person calling and phone number

    Reporting your student’s absence prior to their missing 2 classes will keep an automated alert from being sent. Until the attendance office receives a call or supporting documentation, the absence will be considered unexcused.

    Very Important:  A student's absence needs to be reported the day of the absence. It can only be excused after the fact with a doctor's note. You will have five days to submit a doctor's note to the attendance office after the absence.



    All late students have to sign in at the front entrance. If you know your student will be late, please call and provide the necessary details. Also, if the student arrives within 24 minutes of the start of 1st period and they do not bring a doctor’s note, it will be unexcused; even if the parent/guardian called in advance. A student will be allowed 3 unexcused 'lates' prior to disciplinary action.



    • If your student needs to leave early, whether they are to be picked up, are driving themselves, or plan to leave with another student, please give the attendance office advance notice as to the time they need to leave and whether or not they will be returning.

    • ALL students leaving the building early must sign out. 

    • If your student is in the 9th or 10th grade and is not yet a driver, they will need to be signed out at the front entrance by the person picking them up.  A call in advance of arrival is always appreciated.

                    IMPORTANT!  A photo ID will be required to sign any student out at the front entrance, no matter their grade level.

    • Please also know, you may not excuse your student who was at school and left without going to the nurse, guidance or the main office first. You must call the attendance line if your student needs to leave for any reason. If they leave without prior permission, it can only be excused with a doctor’s note. 


    18-year old students may NOT call themselves off for the day or sign themselves out early. If they do, it will be unexcused.



    A “Planned Absence Form” is used so teachers know who will be missing upcoming days and to help them plan accordingly with the student. This form can be picked up at the attendance office and will need to be signed by all their teachers and a parent/guardian. Once completed, it needs to be returned to the attendance office.



    In addition to the student being able to drop notes off at the front entrance or the attendance office, doctor’s notes may be emailed to Julie Pinkerton at juliepinkerton@nrcs.net or faxed to (440)-327-2145. Please remember, you have five days to submit a doctor's note to the attendance office after the absence. 



    If a student believes they were incorrectly marked absent or late for a class, please have your student speak with or email their teacher. The attendance office cannot change what a teacher recorded for them without their permission.  If you need to speak with someone in attendance, you may leave a message on the attendance line at 440-327-6222 or call the main office at 440-327-1992 and ask to speak to someone in the attendance office.

    More specific information can be found in the student section of our District Policy Manual.