• As we are a grades 3-8 building with 2,000 we want to ensure that every student has trusted adults that they can turn to when needs arise. Along with all of the staff that your student encounters on a daily basis, your student can reach out to an administrator at anytime. We use a "house" system in which the three associate principals cover the grade levels, but please understand that your student can seek assistance from any administrator when a need arises. 


    Grades 3/4 - Associate Principal Mrs. Jenn Heilmann  email: jenniferheilmann@nrcs.net    Phone: 440-353-1130

    Grades 5/6 - Associate Principal Mr. Chuck Maurer     email: charlesmaurere@nrcs.net      Phone: 440-353-1130

    Grades 7/8 - Associate Principal Mr. Mitch Heffron      email: mitchheffron@nrcs.net            Phone: 440-353-1130

    Grades 3-8 - Principal Mr. Michael King                        email: michaelking@nrcs.net             Phone: 440-353-1130