Communications Department

  • The North Ridgeville City Schools are committed to effectively communicating with families, students, staff, and the community. The district's communication platform, Blackboard, ensures families quickly receive critical safety notices and other important messages through email, text, and phone calls.     

    The North Ridgeville City Schools are dedicated to filling the website with up-to-date content, creating and posting information-rich reports, and relaying important information to district families and the community in a timely manner.

    District social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, serve as a source of information for those who would like to stay continually engaged.


    • District website
    • Social media
    • Photography
    • Video/Audio Production
    • Special Events
    • Publication of electronic and published newsletters
    • Liaison to the media 
    • Press releases
    • Community engagement


    Brooke Roshong
    Communications & Marketing Supervisor
    (440) 353-1870
    Nikki Roth
    Communications & Marketing Supervisor