Treasurer's Department

  • The treasurer serves as the chief financial officer, and reports directly to the Board of Education. The treasurer department oversees all financial operations of the North Ridgeville City School District. This responsibility encompasses the receipting, investing, accounting, and disbursing of all funds as required by law, and in accordance with Board of Education policies. Within these responsibilities, there are major financial functions essential to the compliance and financial operations of the school district. Some of these functions include:

    •   Administering payroll and employee benefits
    •  Grants management
    •  Annual budget/appropriations
    •  Audited comprehensive annual financial report (CAFR)
    •  Compilation and submission of the 5-Year Forecast

    The treasurer also serves as the public records officer and secretary to the Board of Education, maintaining official records, documents, and meeting minutes.

    The Certificate of Achievement is the highest form of recognition in the area of governmental accounting and financial reporting, and its attainment represents a significant accomplishment. As the recipient of the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting for consecutive years, the Office of the Treasurer/CFO is committed to transparency, accountability, and serving the interests of all stakeholders of the North Ridgeville City Schools.

Financial Goals and Objectives

  • The goal of the treasurer's department is to ensure fiscal transparency, stability, and public accountability. The objectives of the treasurer's department include the following:

    • Communicate and monitor legislative changes that impact financial and operational resources.
    • Engage all stakeholders in two-way communication to determine the level of commitment to the district operations (instructional programming, co-curricular offerings, fine art offerings, athletic offerings, facility, and operational needs.
    • Monitor student enrollment and staffing levels to maximize the balance between student achievement and cost-effectiveness.
    • Develop a project plan and timeline to inform the community and district personnel of future levies, bond issues, and financial needs of the district.