What is Ranger STRONG?

  • Ranger STRONG is a district-wide initiative that places an emphasis on the whole child, not just the academic goals of the school. It encourages students to develop the skills to become caring and productive members of their school, community, country, and the world.  Ranger STRONG develops the whole student by promoting student leadership by focusing on the attributes of service, teamwork, respect, ownership, necessity, and goals. We believe every student has the ability to make a positive difference. Ranger STRONG is built on collaboration between the North Ridgeville City School District and the North Ridgeville community by working towards a stronger, more unified community to tear down the walls of intolerance, injustice, prejudice, and discrimination.

    Our Goals:
    • For students to develop the skills and mindset that will allow them to lead their own lives
    • To be able to work effectively with others throughout life
    • To make meaningful contributions wherever they go in life
    • To make effective decisions today, and into their futures 
Ranger STRONG on Football Field