Preschool Enrollment

  • Preschool: Preschool registration for the 2022-2023 school year is open for pre-approved and playbase students.  
    Note: You must be pre-approved prior to starting the online registration process for preschool.  Students must be 3 years of age and potty-trained by June 1 in order to be enrolled.  Please contact the Early Childhood Learning Community at 440-353-1100 with any questions about preschool registration.

    Please review the following information carefully before beginning the online registration process. Important: You will need to begin by clicking the “Create Account” button to proceed.  For questions regarding the online registration process, please use the Online Registration User Guide. 

Preschool Enrollment Documents

  • Please read the following information carefully.  Enrollment appointments for preschool students registering are NOT required.  All of the preschool registration documents MUST either be uploaded with the online application at the time of submission or placed in a sealed envelope.  Envelopes are to be labeled preschool and dropped in the marked drop box outside of the east entrance at 5490 Mills Creek Lane. Click here for a list of required registration documents.  Access to these forms can be found below.  Please note that formal registration will not occur until all required documents are received.

    If parents are divorced: The parent with legal custody must present a certified copy of the court order awarding legal custody.  If a custody change is pending, the non-custodial parent must present a dated, time-stamped copy of the court filing, showing the motion for the change of custody.  The non-custodial parent is then given 60 days to present a certified copy of the final decree. 

    Please click here to begin preschool registration for 2022-2023.