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Issue 5 to be placed on the May ballot

In January, the Board of Education approved the second resolution to place a new bond issue on the May ballot. Issue 5 is a bond issue for the construction of a new high school and a new elementary school. The need is now for student safety, space, and success.

The district is facing unprecedented growth, drastic space needs, and aging infrastructure. North Ridgeville City Schools has assembled a plan to address the immediate and long-term, district wide needs to provide the best educational environment. 

The focus is student safety, space, and success. 



Issue 5 will provide funding for a new adequately sized high school for immediate and future enrollment, state-of-the-art security and safety systems, an auditorium, and a modern learning environment. It will also fund a new elementary school that will accommodate current and future students, modern safety systems, and an environment that nurtures the youngest learners.



This plan is the last chance the district has to capitalize on a $30 million grant from the state of Ohio to reduce the total cost of the project.


If Issue 5 is unsuccessful, the community can expect to see the following impacts:

Fall 2023: 

  • Increased class sizes

  • Increased charges for group facility use (currently under review)

  • Bussing radius increased to 2 miles due to continued growth

  • Implementation of hybrid/remote engagements with high school classes due to space

Fall 2024:

  • Elimination of several high school AP and college credit plus courses

  • Reduced high school graduation requirements due to class sizes

  • Possible elimination of full day kindergarten

  • The installation of expensive modular units at Liberty and ECLC

  • Reduction of STEAM programming


The cost of this plan is $24.27 per $100,000 of the market value of your home. Below is a breakdown of the project and an example of how to calculate the cost to you.

To find the market value of your home, click here.

The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC) will contribute 25% ($30 million) of the construction cost to the district. This is applied to the bond.

For more information on Issue 5, please click here to see an in-depth brochure.